Our Favorite iOS Apps

One of the most revolutionary tools in the lives of blind students is the smart phone, particularly the iDevices from Apple. They have allowed us to enjoy the same level of access to information, entertainment, books, and so much more as our sighted peers. As a result, The American Council of Blind Students has compiled a list of iOS apps that are accessible with VoiceOver, and that we think are useful in your educational and leisure activities. Many of these apps were discovered at the iOS App Swap information session at the 2015 ACB National Conference and Convention, along with individual research by members of ACBS.

In order to make the apps easier to find, we have separated them into categories according to their function/purpose. You can navigate by heading in the category and read a short description as well as a link to the app in the AppStore. Where ever possible, we have listed the free version of an app, though you'll find that many have more advanced versions which necessitate the spending of money. We strongly encourage you to browse the App Store and discover new applications. If you have any additions to this list you would like to see, please email Chris Kchao, Webmaster at webmaster@acbstudents.org, with the name and details of the app. We hope this is a valuable resource for you. Enjoy!

Books and Readers

Are you an avid bookworm? These apps are for reading audiobooks, archiving your favorite reads, finding the latest braille and talking books from the National Library Service, and of course reading those pesky textbooks.

Color and Visual Identification

A list of apps that can identify the color of objects, read labels on items, and recognize paper currency.


Apps for taking and organizing notes, as well as keeping records and sharing information. Invaluable for your educational life.

Education and Reference

A list of apps for the constant learners among us. Also find here reference apps with information about specific topics.


You need to procrastinate before that big paper, but you’re not sure what to do. These apps have everything you need, from watching movies and TV shows, to listening to the latest music, to finding your favorite podcasts.

File managers

Organize and manage your files with these apps and you will never lose a file again.


A great list of apps to help cure your boredom, from shooting games, to word puzzles, to text-based adventure games.

Health and Fitness

Apps to help you stay mentally and physically healthy and combat the stresses of school.

Keyboard Alternatives

Not a fan of the built in keyboard? Try these alternative apps to type on your iDevice.

Messaging and Social Networking

These apps of popular social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, along with apps for messaging, will help you stay in touch with friends and classmates.


Keep abreast of local current events as well as news from around the world and look smart and informed when you are debating in class.

Scanning Text

Read print materials such as handouts, letters, receipts, etc with these handy apps.

Shopping and Dining

Because every student needs to eat for energy and look super chic for campus.


Crazy about your school sports teams? These apps will let you keep up with the latest stats in the sports world. #SchoolSpirit

Time Management

“Do it today or later you’ll pay!” Keep your assignments and appointments organized with these apps and you will never turn in another late assignment, right?

Travel and Navigation

Roadtrip! Navigate any environment with ease using these incredibly useful apps.

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